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Select the appropriate Request Type in the drop-down list that matches the description of your concern.

LCS Activation/Login Issue
  • Need help logging in to Oracle NetSuite Learning Center or getting the message “You must be a subscriber to access this content” when playing course video? Click here for the instructions and troubleshooting steps.
  • Not receiving verification email when creating account? Please send an email to for further assistance.

NOTE: If your issue is not resolved or you have an additional request/question, please submit this form.

LCS Contact Change

A company’s Training Contact has the ability to control who has access to their training subscriptions. Submit this form if you would like to request for the following:

  • If you need to change the Training Contact on your LCS pass.
  • If you are requesting to deactivate user’s access.
  • If you are looking to reactivate your access in the Learning Center.
Learning Center Course Issue

To access course videos, you must activate your training access. An activation link is sent to the company’s Training Contact who is responsible in distributing the Learning Center activation information to the designated LCS users.

  • If you need help how to navigate the Oracle NetSuite Learning Center i.e., Search for Courses and Student Guide, Enroll to a Learning Path/Course, Track Training Progress etc., click here.
  • Are you getting "You must be a subscriber to access this content" message when playing the course video? Click here for the troubleshooting steps.
  • What should I do if I’m having issues while taking a course? Click here for the troubleshooting steps.

NOTE: If your issue is not resolved or you have an additional request/question, please submit this form.

Training Administrator/Reporting accounts are required for Training Administrator Portal access. If you do not have an account, please create one here.

  • If you are a Training Administrator looking for a reporting access, please submit this form.
Course Certificates

The “Print Certificate” feature is not available in the Oracle NetSuite Learning Center. You may track your 100% completion in the Progress tab.

  • You may request course certificate for CPE eligible courses. For other courses, refer to your Progress tab for proof of completion.
  • If you need a CPE Certificate for the completed CPE eligible courses or if you have additional questions about course certificates, please complete and submit this form.


Certifications and authorizations are currently managed via a separate system. To verify your Certification status or Certification title please use the Certification Status Search Tool. Allow one week for new certifications to be reflected in the tool and for the certification confirmation to be sent by the authorization teams.

For questions or more information about the NetSuite Certification Program, contact the NetSuite Certification Program Team at

Lab/Demo Account

Lab/Demo accounts are training environment used to complete training course exercises in the Oracle NetSuite Learning Center.

  • Need help requesting a Lab/Demo account? Click here for the instructions.
  • Need to extend demo account access or need further assistance? Submit this form.
Live Events

Please select this Request Type if you have issues with your LCS Live Events. If you have issue enrolling with Getting Started Webinars, please select General Training Inquiry.

LCS Live Event is an additional content in the Oracle NetSuite Learning Center where you can enroll and attend expert-led live webinars and learn advanced functionality or new release features.

  • Cannot find the “Enroll” button in the Session details? Make sure that you are logged in the Oracle NetSuite Learning Center using your Oracle account.
  • Looking to enroll for an LCS Live Event on the same day? Please make sure to click the Enroll button 30 minutes before the session starts.
  • Please check the troubleshooting steps that may help resolve your issue. Otherwise, fill out and submit this form.
General Training Inquiry

Please select this request type if:

  • Your request/concern is about the Getting Started Webinars, SuiteLife Program.
  • You have questions about NetSuite Training/LCS Pass.
  • You are an Oracle NetSuite Employee who has question about your customer’s account. Please indicate your name and email address in the Request details.
  • Other issues related to NetSuite Training that do not match descriptions of other Request Types.